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Modular and Manufactured Home FAQs, Real Estate on Chincoteague Island FAQs

Did you know...

Q: What is the difference between a modular and a manufactured home?

A: Both types of homes are similar but there are some differences.   Generally there are two different building codes - HUD Federal Building Code (manufactured home) and the IRC/UBC State Building Code (Modular).   Both types of homes are built in a factory.   Manufactured homes are typically only one-story and are delivered to your land/site usually in one to three pieces.   Manufactured homes also sit on a chassis where the chassis can be part of a permanent foundation or not.   Once the manufactured home is set, utilities are connected and you can start to enjoy your new home!

Modular homes are also built inside of a factory and they are also delivered in several pieces to your land/site, but modular homes are often two-stories and can be as large as 6,000 square feet.   Modular homes easily rival traditional custom homes in terms of style, amenities and quality.   Modular homes are completed (most interior work including kitchens and bathrooms) on-site by contractors after the modular pieces are delivered to your land/site.

Check out this excellent link so you can understand what modular homes really are! →  freshome design and architecture

Q: Do modular homes appreciate in value?

A: Yes, they behave in the real estate market the same as stick-built homes.

Q: How is Chincoteague Island in terms of real estate value?

A: Chincoteague Island stands out as a beacon in the Eastern Shore of Virginia real estate market.   Building a modular, manufactured, prefab or custom built home on available Chincoteague Island housing lots is an excellent investment.

Chincoteague Island is one of only two ways to access Assateague Island, the famous national seashore with the wild Assateague Ponies.   Chincoteague is an excellent place to live - it has its own high school, low taxes, the quality of living is high, and the island has enjoyed an expanded season around the traditional summer months.

Year-round residents enjoy a bucolic life-style in the off-season, but there are a growing number of part-time residents and visitors that are coming to Chincoteague from October to April.   The quaint main street shops all are open year-round and provide a cozy vibrancy for residents and visitors alike!

A real estate investment on Chincoteague Island is a sure-fire win.

Q: Which type of home - manufactured, modular or stick-built - can I have built the fastest?

A: In general, the fastest way to be living in your new home is to go with a manufactured home, then a modular home, and then a stick-built home, in that order of quickness.   Island Homes will walk you through the various options and determine the best route to go based on your schedule and budget.

Q: Can I get a basement with my modular home?

A: Yes.   Check with us first but modular homes are always built, at a minimum, on top of a crawl space.   The land/site where your modular home is must lend itself, via hosuing codes, to having a basement.

Q: Do I need special home owners' insurance for a modular home?

A: No, home owners' insurance for modular homes is the same as for stick built homes, there is no difference..

Q: Can modular homes withstand inclement weather?

A: Yes, modular homes are extremely well built and typically can withstand winds up to 175 mph.

Q: Can I customize my modular home?

A: Yes, modular homes, in terms of style and design, easily rival the traditional stick-built home.   Any kitchen or bathroom or any room imaginable can be built into your new modular home.

Q: Is it cheaper to build a modular home versus a traditional stick built home?

A: Yes, modular homes, because of their short build-time, are cheaper than having a traditional house built using a building contractor.

Q: Is a manufactured home a good way to go if I am on a budget?

A: Yes.   Manufactured homes provide durable, quality living spaces, especially if you are budget conscious.   Compared to traditional stick-built homes that are built on-site with contracted builders, manufactured homes are typically 10-35% cheaper to construct.   Call us (757)894-3745 or (757)894-3746 to discuss the options and pricing between the various types of homes.

Q: How does a warranty work for my manufactured home and what, exactly, is it?

A: All Commodore manufactured homes come with several different warranties.   Island Homes will walk you through the entire process.   On Chincoteague Island and in Accomack County, we understand how all types of homes are constructed and built, so we understand the warranties that are involved.

In general, Commodore provides a warranty for your home's quality, workmanship and the major cooling and heating systems.   All major appliances will also come with standard warranties, and we can explain all of that to you.   Island Homes also provides a warranty for the transportation of the home (whether as one unit or in separate pieces) and the installtion of the home.   All warranties will be fully explained and provided in writing so that you fully understand every aspect of your new home!

Q: Will my manufactured home retain its value?   Is it as good of an investment as a stick built or modular home?

A: Yes.   Any type of home purchase (stick, modular, manuractured) is generally a good investment.   The following factors affect the value of any type of home -- 1) the desirability and stability of the community, 2) supply and demand for homes in the local market, and 3) maintenance and upkeep of the home.   When properly installed and maintained, your manufactured home will appreciate the same as surrounding stick-built and modular homes.

Q: Do I need a home inspection for a modular home?

A: No, modular homes are already inspected at the factory where they are built before they are assembled on your land/site.   This will save you time and money.

Are manufactured homes more susceptible to fire than site-built or stick built homes?

A: No.   According to the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), "manufactured homes are no more prone to fire than homes built on-site.   As a matter of fact, a national fire safety study by the Foremost Insurance Company showed that site-built homes are more than twice as likely to experience a fire as manufactured homes.   Fire resistance provisions of the HUD Code include strict standards for fire retardation and smoke generation in materials, large windows in all bedrooms, smoke alarms, and at least two exterior doors which must be separate from each other and reachable without having to pass through other doors that can be locked.   Site-built homes are required to have only one exterior door and no "reachability" requirement."

Q: Are manufactured homes more prone to damage from hurricanes and tornados?

A: No.   There is no solid meteorological or scientific evidence that manufactured homes fare worse than modular or stick built homes in severe weather.   Many news reports will show manufactured homes having been damaged in tornados or hurricanes but emperically this is because most of the homes in the areas affected are manufactured homes.   In severe weather, any type of home will rely on its quality and adherence to building codes.

On Chincoteague Island and around Accomack County, high winds from hurricanes sometimes occur.   Manufactured homes usually have more stringent requirements than stick-built homes in terms of reinforcements and construction methods.   In severe weather conditions, the most important thing for a manufactured home is how it is installed and anchored.   Island Homes places a premium on properly anchoring and installing all Commodore Homes.   Once you purchase your home we will go over all of those details with you.

Q: What is a land/home package?

A: This is the process of combining the three basic entities into a home. 1) The property 2) Site improvements (foundation, utilities, garage, etc..) 3) The home.

Q: How do I handle all of the building codes and regulations?

A: Island Homes will handle all of that for you.   As authorized dealers for Apex and Commodore, we will work directly with those companies and with you to manage the land/site, the home purchase, the rules/codes and the financing.   Plus, purchasing an Apex or Commodore home through us, you are receiving the wholesale price with no extra hidden sales costs or commissions!

Q: Do I have to find land before I start?

A: No.   We encourage our customers to look for land, begin choosing a home and check into finance options all at the same time. The land has to fit the home. The home has to fit you. The package has to fit your budget. The entire land/home package has to work for you.

Q: How do I finance a manufactured or modular home?

A: Call us to discuss financing.   We work directly with Taylor Bank of Snow Hill, MD but you can use any financing that you wish.